coporation Tax

Limited companies based in Ireland are subject to corporation tax on their profits.

If your company is liable to corporation tax, you will need to register your company with the Revenue Commissioners.

The benefits of trading through an Irish limited company has never been greater. The advantages of structuring your business this way are:

  • Limited liability – this protects your personal assets should things go wrong.
  • Low Irish tax rates – 12.5% on trading profits.
  • Improved cashflow due to lower tax rates.
  • Choice over how and when you pay yourself, a self employed business persons profit is taxed on them personally, regardless of how much money they take out of the business.

Remember there are penalties for filing late corporation tax returns and interest is charged on tax paid late.

Our accountants can prepare the company accounts, company tax returns and tax computations and will also be able to provide advice on any tax planning that may benefit you and your company.


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