Our managed payroll service is an effective and cost effective way to accurately pay your people on time. We meet your needs and requirements by offering a bespoke payroll solution to your needs and requirements.
Why use us to prepare your payroll

  • In house payroll services can be an expensive facility due to software fees, salary costs when compared to an outsourced solution.
  • We design the payroll to meet your specific requirements.
  • Our payroll service is reliable and prepared by an experienced and efficient payroll team. You do not have to worry about training new staff to prepare the payroll or what to do when the payroll administrator is on holidays or sick leave.
  • You can focus on the main business activities.

Our managed payroll services provide you with:

  • Gross to net calculation
    We can calculate all PAYE / PRSI / USC deductions made from employee’s salaries and remit the correct tax liability to the Revenue Commissioners on behalf of the employer. We do this by submitting the monthly Form P30.
  • Legislative compliance
    We can implement all necessary legislative changes as they arise. A significant challenge for any payroll operator will be dealing with the implications of statutory requirements arising from changes in legislation that are introduced. Failure to understand and implement these changes can prove very costly.
  • End of year administration, P60′ s, P35 reconciliations
    We can complete the Form P35 on behalf of the employer and we can submit it to Revenue before the required filing deadline. We can also issue the Form P60 to each employee.


More Information

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